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Published 1994

Animate with Music, May-Dec 1994 Little Lab Experiments

All sorts of animation experiments done using the animation stand in the Animation Lab. I can hear that this is original music, probably done in another part of the Media Arts facility (we had been building up our music recording capabilities over the years.) Cut-outs, buttons, fingerpaint, drawn, walk cycles, projects with names, flipbooks, blocks, and other objects. Itâs a collection of many, many little projects, probably done with visitors to the museum and some classes? Some ads! Interesting fingerpaint animation near 20 min mark. Over 30 minutes. Nice. Wow.

(The flashes you see from time to time come from the process being used. It was all being shot with a hitatchi 3-chip camera onto 3/4 u-matic tape using a modified Sony videocasette recorder and a FAX EOS frame controller. Before animating, we had to "black" the tape. This meant laying down something, so that single or multiple frame insertion edits would have something to replace. Ocassionally the tape would slip and skip a frame, and youâd see a flash of whatever was underlying, often a logo for the museum.)

Run time 32 minutes 23 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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